Finding inspiration

Andy Dufresne sums it all up in The Shawshank Redemption when he says ‘I guess it comes down to a simple choice, really. Get busy living or get busy dying.’

We all seek inspiration from others. Sometimes we look for it in books, movies or quotes and sometimes we find it in nature or religion. Some of us need it to stay motivated and some of us want to gain confidence. Whatever the reason is, we seek inspiration so we can do great things. When you are overwhelmed with workload, surrounded by heaps of incomplete tasks, when your calendar is full of deadlines to be met, you ask yourself the same old question, “Where shall I start?” and instead of getting any answer you just feel regret that drains out last bit of energy left inside you. At this point it could be difficult to find that creative spark to rejuvenate yourself. Here is what I do to find some light in the dark times.

Do what you love

I remember a couple of years ago a student who was struggling to cope with his GCSEs. He was not typically a work-shy or bone idle but he was finding difficult to focus longer than 15 minutes doing any task. I coached him for few weeks and used baby steps approach with him. One morning he walked in with biggest smile on his face and in full excitement he shouted, “I did my whole work!” I found out that before he started his work he played guitar which he didn’t play in a long time. That was his passion which he forgot in the midst of long after school interventions. A small time spent with yourself, doing what you love can be food for your soul.

Change your surroundings

One thing is for sure that when you hit a brick wall on any point of your life, you must stop and analyse the situation. Sometimes going for a walk or even going getting a cup of coffee all by yourself can relax your mind to find some answers. It is a human nature to be afraid of change but change can give you opportunities to redefine yourself. Without change there is no innovation or creativity.

Learn new things

Learning new things can make you feel the excitement which you see in the eyes of primary kids. Learning something new can help you to re-discover yourself and give you  boost of confidence you always needed. I went for horse riding a few years ago because I never tried it before. Just attending few lessons changed my attitude towards life completely. Suddenly, I was looking forward to something and that was exciting. Seeking out new sports, social activity or new experience will give inspiration like nothing else.

Remember that life is full of inspiration. all we have to do is train ourselves to see it. You can always find the inspiration, but only if you are looking for it.

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